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McLane Construction is a locally owned and operated construction company that has been roofing and siding in Bozeman since 2007. We pay close attention to detail and building science, and take pride in our craft and our team.

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What We Offer


McLane Construction is primarily a roofing and siding company. Our crews are skilled at installing, maintaining, and repairing all types of materials. We work with asphalt, metal, single-ply membrane, cedar...and more.

No job is too big or too small. We are happy to come out and fix a leak, be it a quick caulk job or a deep dive into the framing. The old backyard shed, on up to the ski lodge or golfcourse clubhouse, we have the crew and tools to be efficient and effective. Remodel or new construction, residential or commercial, we do it all!

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What sets us apart

Why McLane

Nice to meet you, we are happy to be your neighbor! McLane Construction is a family owned company located in Bozeman, and we have been around since 2007. Our company is licensed and insured, and our crew are all hired employees protected by Workman's Compensation, so you can be confident that you and our guys are protected.

We treat our work as a part of the whole building system. Our crew is trained to pay close attention to and have a working knowledge of venting, framing, vapor barriers, and insulation. And we are uncompromising when it comes to flashing.

Good work also comes down to who does the work. Our business model is based on safety and quality, which starts and ends with our guys. Training, fair wages, and communication are at the heart of our company. We work with a great group of guys that are knowledgeable, skilled, and proud of their craft.

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Why M<sup>c</sup>Lane

I have worked with many contractors in the area and my experience with McLane has been very good. The consistency of several things impress me: The quality of their workmanship; Their willingness to go above and beyond as an advocate for their client in dealing with the insurance companies; The efficiency of their crew; Their sensitivity to time constraints of an operating restaurant so as not to inconvenience staff or guests; Site clean up and attention to detail. I have had the pleasure of knowing the owner Pete McLane of over six years both personally and professionally and I think very highly of his personal integrity and work ethic. I would definitely hire his company again.

—Pete Strom

Owner/Operator of La Parrilla and The Garage

Pete and the McLane Construction crew exceeded my expectations. They re-sided my house after hail damage and were efficient, professional and worked with the insurance company, which was no easy task. Everything came in as budgeted. I have recommended him to my friends and they too are very happy with his work. I'd use him again without hesitation.

—Doug Chabot

When working with McLane Construction I found many attributes beneficial : your craftsmanship and attention to detail, professionalism , and flexibility. You did a great job of working within the agreed upon budget while at the same time providing exceptional quality. When faced with a budget limitation on an enhancement that we requested, you demonstrated flexibility and creativity in enabling the project to proceed. I appreciate the work that you did directly with my insurance company both in advance of getting stared and during the renovation. Your team ensured that the waste from the construction was cleaned up each evening before leaving, which was particularly important to me given that we have young children. Thank you for making such a dramatic enhancement to our home.

—Jeff Baker

Pete demonstrated excellent craftsmanship re-roofing our home in historic downtown Bozeman. He provided a high degree of professionalism and was a pleasure to work with. He has a notable attention to detail and it is clear that he takes pride in all aspects of his work. We appreciated his thoughtful input throughout the process and his commitment to constructing a product, specific to our wants and needs.

—Ben and Jessica